Comfort From The Big Picture

Karen will outline for all of you how the “astrology of the moment” shows the way we’re being challenged as a human collective, and some of the reasons why things are churning the way they are. She will talk about the archetypal themes being highlighted, and where we’re experiencing both the opportunities and the pitfalls are of these various astrological “currents.” She will touch just briefly on how some of us are more activated by these “currents” than others of us, and in generally what direction, and then close with her best suggestions for how to ride the waves without going under!

About Karen Hawkwood

Karen Hawkwood (also known as KJ Sassypants, or on occasion Saint Sassypants) lives at the intersection of Down Street and Starry Spiral Way. She sees more about you than you really want her to, and then uses that to pave your path into the darkness, and through it to where you become All Of You At Once. She’ll see all the way to your bones and then light them on fire so they illuminate you like a lamp. She promises nothing, offers an odd assortment of things you didn’t know you wanted, and occasionally drops a jewel or a small bird. Her methods involve measurable things like coaching, astrology, intellect, and vulgar language, and much more erratic and dubious things like hearing spider feet, consorting with mythical creatures, sending flowers down in the well bucket and drawing up strange songs, and laughing at her own jokes.

Website: www.karenhawkwood.com