Decode your Story- Beyond the Workbook

Learn to understand what guides and drives you. Jackie will share tools and methods of tapping in and understanding how to raise your emotional vibration by understanding how your personal GPS system works. She will also break down the P-T-F-A-R system and discuss how using our personal GPS system and changing our programing is the key to being able to create the life we desire.

About Jackie Mihalchick

Jackie Mihalchick, owner and creator of JM Intuitive Coaching and Insight Realty.She is an Intuitive life Coach, Intuitive Realtor, Teacher, Reiki Master, Level One Universal White Time Healer, Author, and a past Online Radio Host.  Jackie is the creator and Author of Decode Your Story, A guided workbook toward self-discovery available on Amazon.Jackie’s core values of leading with Compassion, creating Trust, being Authentic, and the strong desire to Inspire others is evident in everything she does.  Coaching others started long before she even knew she was coaching. It has always been a natural part of who she is. Jackie believe that besides the gift of insight and intuition she has an amazing gift of seeing the good/potential in everyone she meets, even when they do not see it themselves.

Websites: https://yourintuitiverealtor.com