The Importance of Being Social While Physically Distancing

We need connection, especially during these uncertain times. Holly will explain why this is so important to our well-being. You will also learn tools that will help all feel supported while staying safe.

About Holly Faith

Holly’s passion is human connection. She helps people who have a hard time communicating, to overcome fears and blocks that hold them back. She supports them to step into a new expression of themselves with confidence and courage.   Clients that work with her share a deep desire to connect with others through community and conversation. Holly and her clients meet both one-to-one, virtually, and in-person group settings. She obtained her personal development skills by studying with great transformational leaders such as Brene´ Brown, Debbie Ford, Robert Holden, and Lee Harris. My background also includes owning and operating a business for two (2) decades, working in partnership with large corporations, government agencies and other small businesses. Prior to that, she worked in hospitality. Her studies and her own personal expansion drive her desire to share her tools with others, so they can live their best life.

Website: https://thehumanconnectorllc.wixsite.com/home