Intuitive Eating

We all have an intuitive nature (that gut feeling) but we can become easily confused by food/health because of “rules” and the overwhelm of information

  • Christi will teach how to connect with your inner health guide to interpret simple signals your body gives you and to help you find answers to dynamic changes in food requirements. As the body is an ever changing and dynamic system of systems and food requirements are just as dynamic.
  • Christi will help you to develop trust for your inner guide by learning to use a Dowsing crystal or your body as the ‘pendulum’ for answers
  • Christi will help you to better understand the body’s changes in the needs certain foods based off stresses & the deeper level of connections with the other interwoven systems
  • Christi will help you understand how foods can affect you (which are different in not only situations, seasons but different ppl) so we can heal ourselves (getting the C.R.A.P. out of your food plan)
  • Christi will help you eliminate the confusion about what is good and bad
  • Combine these tips to assist in raising your energetic vibration

About Christi Sullivan

Christi has spent over 30 years in the fitness industry working as a personal trainer, lifestyle coach, group fitness and yoga instructor. She has B. of Science in Exercise Physiology, A. of Arts degree. in Phys Ed. and is the founder of Loveland Yoga & Core Fitness. She is an international presenter, teaching about this unique style of Strength Yoga that she created in Australia. Christi is a highly sought-out professional backed by world leaders in the fields of corrective exercise, yoga, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and lifestyle management

Christi also began studying at the CHEK Institute to receive a Level 4 status CHEK Practitioner: CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach 3. She received level 2 status with FMA Strength Coach and became a presenter with this Australian strength and conditioning group. Christi is also an Intermediate P-DTR Practitioner and actively studying Advanced Level P-DTR. Metabolic Typing advisor, Primal Eating from the CHEK Institute and studied with East West Healing in the Thyroid Restoration Program. Heart of Elijah Practitioner and Holy Fire Reiki level 1.

Christi applies advanced teachings to bridge the gap between rehabilitation, yoga, and strength conditioning fields. She also apples the advanced teaching to excel at getting people out of pain, improving function, and living healthier lives by using the intuitive guidance and as well as her education background. After all, helping people is simultaneously an art and a science. It is a progressive and an enlightened based approach to help you how to eat, move and be healthy.