New Year, New Life, New You
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In the Chaos of Life's Stormy Seas...

Do you feel lost in your life?

Are you looking for direction?

Questioning your purpose?

Looking for a guiding light?

Feeling tossed by the rough waters?

Bobbing from one crisis to another?

Who Would Benefit from the Lighthouse Online Retreat?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions above, the Lighthouse Online Retreat  will help you get those answers! The wide variety of topics and tools are great if you are a beginners, just discovering there is more to you than you had thought! If you have been on the road for a while but need some new ideas on how to navigate this very new world, the Lighthouse Online Retreat can help bring new light to your life!

What is the Lighthouse Online Retreat?

The Lighthouse Online Retreat is a live Zoom event where we have assembled experts in the field of Living in Purpose. Each speaker will teach you tools to navigate the very rough seas, giving you peace of mind and action items to make real changes in your life so you can feel on steady ground again! Learn from these beautiful souls what intentional living and guidance can do for you!

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Your Navigators

You can Make a Change! All you need is a light to guide you back to shore.
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